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About Me

How this all started

I've always been a mesh type of girl. Never wanted to follow the crowd.

My mother was a seamstress and as her eldest daughter I wasn’t given a choice to learn her trade. Younger days I hated it.

Wanted to go out and hang with friends but we had an order to fulfil😫.

The best part of it for me was that I got to spend loads of time with mummy.

We worked hard but talked a lot, had a laugh and I learned so much.

I didn’t fully appreciate this gift until I started clubbing💃🏾.

When I started me and my girls went hard.

There was no way we could afford to buy a different outfit for all the events as we went out 4-5 nights a week🤷🏾.

So with the help of my mum I made our clothes or up-cycled things we already owned. It was a lot cheaper and no one in the rave ever had the same outfit as us.

In fact even our outfits were never the same, same print different designs.

We had different body shapes and different ideas so our outfits would reflect this.


Mummy taught me how to create something

brand new from just mixing and matching.

Back then colours had to go, there was an order

but now a days we blend everything😂. 

I remember when I made a wedding dress.

I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

There was lots of material and lace I couldn’t make sense of it.

Mummy just gave me instructions to follow. 🤷🏾

That was the only time she didn’t explain every step.


“Just follow my instructions,

don’t ask for explanation and

we’ll have this done in no time.”

I sat there thinking this will not work.

I didn’t have a clue but followed her instructions.

Wow after 3 days of hard work my cousin from America ended up with a beautiful wedding dressing. I’ll have a look to see I can find a picture to post as this was over 25 years ago.

So that's where is started and  now I'm turning my hobby into my dream

And I know she's smile down on me

Upcycle Fridays

My family is a female dominated family.

Every time there is a new occasion we will all buy and new outfit or two

(my baby sister buys about 5🤦🏾‍♀️). 

Our wardrobes are half filled with new clothes that haven’t been worn and probably never will.

So for one special occasion I decided not to shop

but to up-cycle my bridesmaid’s dress.

I had wore at the wedding,

got it dry cleaned and it was just

gathering dust in my wardrobe.

Two hours on a Friday afternoon

and I ended up

with a great dress and accessories

for a Gatsby party.

It brought back great memories spending Friday afternoon with my mum upcycling our outfits for our Friday night out. 

This was the re launch of Up-cycle Friday’s

Since that date no matter what I make during the week or over the weekend, 


Friday is Up-cycle Friday

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