The MeSh Way

MeSh: The interwoven structure of style & uniqueness. 

Specialising in personalised t-shirts, jumpers & baby clothing.

We thrive on individuality and uniqueness so no two items are ever exactly the same. 

We like mixing bold prints with our everyday style. We also like to make the old new again with our Upcycling service. 

Creating everyday greatness

Bridging the gap between everyday looks, high-end fashion and bold prints,

MeSh gives customers access to all its latest collections.

Whether you’re shopping for that individual T-shirt, Dress, Short set or something else, our impressive selection of clothes for sale will have you sporting a unique item in no time.

Bespoke items for individuality. We use common themes and bold colours but all items are unique. 

Check the sizes and Grab whist you can. 

If you see something you like email us and we will see if we can recreate one just for you. 

Or you can add yourself and requirements to our monthly updates and we will send you first offer on the sizes you have requested 24 hours before it is published on the website. 

Check out our upcycling service and use a favourite item of clothing to create something unique to you

MeSh Upcycling 


Making the old new again


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Beauty is me

Bold prints

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About MeSh

Everyday greatness

Located in a mesh of my bedroom and front room , MeSh is personalised clothing that offers customers a place to find unique and individual fashion pieces. Founded by SheSewFine in 2018, we sell quality merchandise to customers across the map. Whether you’re looking for a unique summer dress, baby shower gift or hen night t-shirts, MeSh has something for everyone to buy and love.